Hometown Hero – ME?

by Becky Grizovic on March 31, 2009 · 16 comments

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Did anyone tune in to 55KRC this morning? 

I was picked as a HOMETOWN HERO sponsored by IGA and 55KRC! 

My mom, Jeni, and myself!

My mom, Jeni, and myself!

What is The Hometown Hero award?  It’s an award given by IGA with cooperation from Clear Channel in hosting this great award to those that give back in their communities and make a difference.  IGA is very much about being a hometown store that is very involved in their community and this award is just one avenue of supporting and thanking those that do their part. 

I was one of two winners and was nominated for my part in helping so many save their Nickels-n-Dimes, but mostly because of my efforts in encouraging others to donate and giveback in their communities. 

Our morning started as Mike Ward of the Alexandria Police Department (the other lucky winner) and myself were interviewed live by Brian Thomas!  After this and a few pictures, we headed over to WEBN’s studios to do a show that will air on Sunday at 7am with Bill Bangert.  SO FUN!   I can’t say enough about each and every person we came into contact with today; they were all so very nice.

Recording WEBN segment with Bill Bangert (shown: Mike and myself with Greg in the background)

Recording WEBN segment with Bill Bangert (shown: Mike and myself with Greg in the background)

One thing I learned today…no matter how nervous you are (b/c no one told you that you were going to be on the radio)…control the word “UMMM!”  My nerves made my thoughts a bit scattered – LOL!  I even caught myself at one point and made a mental note to not say it again and guess what…it was the next word that came out – AGAIN!  EY!

Can you believe all of this?  I am still in shock and just so excited! 

So, what did we win?  We were on the radio, we were given framed awards and we will receive…..$550.00!  My head is still spinning with this very generous award from IGA.  NEVER IN MY WILDEST DREAMS…

Thank you to IGA, 55KRC, Brian Thomas (55KRC), Bill Bangert (WEBN), and Gary Crawford of Nash Finch!

Thank you to my mom, Jeni and anyone else that submitted my name for this unbelievable award.  I understand that there were several of you!

AH!  I found where we can listen to all of my ummm’s!  HERE

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